Secondary School Display Boards

Displays make such a difference to any space and I’m thrilled to share what fellow school librarian Rachel Wilkinson has collated.

Rachel Coverdale

How to create displays that encourage a positive learning environment, give children pride in their work, help them remember key information, and encourage them to think for themselves.  Instead of those ones that, you know, end up ripped and neglected.

Lexicology of Harry Potter by Rachel Wilkinson, Nunthorpe Academy

Let’s face it, displays take a lot of time and effort. Can you really be bothered making a new one after 5 lessons of 30 challenging children, just for people to ignore it or treat it like wallpaper? Sometimes you wonder if it is worth it.

Well yes, it is worth the effort. When done properly, displays can make a positive impact on teaching and learning. (Or without the jargon – the kids will actually gain something from it!)

First of all, let’s consider what we want the display to achieve:

What do YOU want from your display?

The display…

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